The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut through material with a wide range of thicknesses. The cutting process is a mixture of oxygen and the fuel gas is used to preheat the metal to its 'ignition' temperature which, for steel, is 700°C - 900°C (bright red heat) but well below its melting point. A jet of pure oxygen is then directed into the preheated area instigating a vigorous exothermic chemical reaction between the oxygen and the metal to form iron oxide or slag. The oxygen jet blows away the slag enabling the jet to pierce through the material and continue to cut through the material.

Cutting Facilities

ShapeProfile & Rectangle
Cut ModeOxy
MaterialMild Steel & Carbon Steel
Thickness4.5mm ~ 330.0mm

Oxy-gas Cutting

Oxy-gas Cutting Machine