Perforated sheet, also named perforated metal sheets or plates, is made through cold punching processes with a series of holes of any shape and size in various patterns.

The hole patterns are available in: -

  • Round hole perforation
  • Square holes perforation
  • Slot holes perforation
  • Rectangular holes perforation
  • Diagonal holes perforation
  • Hexagon holes perforation
  • Ornamental perforation
  • Embossed

Its applications include diffusers, filters, ornamental uses, light fixtures, grills, acoustical panels, ventilation, protective function, anti-skid, and many more.

Maximum Sheet Size1,220mm x 3,050mm
Mild Steel0.5mm ~ 6.0mm
Galvanized Steel0.5mm ~ 6.0mm
Stainless Steel0.5mm ~ 4.5mm
Aluminium0.5mm ~ 8.0mm