Metal polishing is a finishing method that uses an abrasive material to smoothen surfaces. When polished, the surfaces of metallic objects are freed of defects and become more reflective and shinier, enhancing their appearance.

Metal polishing can be complemented by buffing, a less harsh method that results in a brighter finish. Certain type of surface finishes such as mirror finish can be achieved by applying chemical during surface polishing. (This only applies to stainless steel sheet surface polishing).

Another type of surface polishing is cold drawing, which is commonly used on steel bars or other various special-shaped bars, starting with circular and hexagonal shapes. The processes are as below:-

  1. The material being drawn is at room temperature (i.e., Cold-Drawn).
  2. The pointed/reduced end of the bar or coil, which is smaller than the die opening, is passed through the die where it enters a gripping device of the drawing machine.
  3. The drawing machine pulls or draws the remaining unreduced section of the bar or coil through the die.
  4. The die reduces the cross-section of the original bar or coil, shapes the profile of the product and increases the length of the original product.

Cold drawn finished steel bar is used in various fields, for example, automobile and manufacturing machine's parts etc.