In the first half of the financial year 2019 (FY19), Leon Fuat ventured into the manufacturing of steel pipes, starting with the production of welded steel pipes, which is Phase 1 of our 2-phase development of a welded steel pipes manufacturing plant. Our production plant is situated across 16.09 acres of land and located at Kawasan Perusahaan Bandar Sultan Suleiman, Pelabuhan Klang.

We aim to cater to the demand for pipe products from our customers and general market, to provide products that are produced by using common raw materials, which helps to reduce our exposure to market volatility in any particular sector. Our machine is equipped with one of the leading technologies in pipe forming invented in Japan, known as "flexible forming" or "unique roll common use technology", which controls the movement of rollers using advanced numerical control systems.

Advantages of Flexible Forming Technology:

  • Minimum roll change required, which reduces set up time and increases productivity;
  • Increases production flexibility where production size can be adjusted by the click of buttons;
  • Advanced numerical control system to ensure consistency in product quality; as well as
  • Automation, which lowers the requirement for headcount, in turn increasing cost-efficiency and productivity.